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Holy exhaustion! I know tired well but the effect Disney has on an adult with small children is exponentially more magical than one could ever imagine. As I spent the beginning of the month making and canceling dining reservations around Disney’s parks and resorts, the girls were having a blast as usual. 

 We had special spend-the-night guests one weekend who were very persistent about having a fort built by yours truly. I’m very confident in my fort building skills! Awesome article about fort building & children’s development Here!

  Taco cravings lead to us enjoying a beautiful sunset on the square after dinner at Taqueria Tsunami! Yum! Cami’s favorite meal there consists of a full serving of guacamole! 


A spectacular time was had by all at the annual Snyder Valentine party complete with bounce house craziness and delicious cookies!   


Cami being silly at her class Valentine party. Two boys in her class have told me… “Cami doesn’t love me anymore… She won’t play with me on the playground”. To which her response is- I do love them! I read NO Mas Besos! And Juanito el cariñoso to her class during their Valentine’s party and her buddies really got a kick out of them even though they were in Spanish. 

As our winter break quickly approached, we had some packing and prepping do to:

Luci and Cami rehearsed for heir roles as flower girls and we’re very opinionated as to what they would wear to the wedding: Cami’s outfit of choice was a white skirt and pink floral Hello Kitty shirt. Luci was convinced that “ready, set, go” meant it was time to run down the aisle. Needless to say, I was a little anxious for the big day! When asked if she would carry flowers for Amelia, Cami was certain she couldn’t because she would “need two hands to hold her cobi”. 

Thanks to the extreme generosity and hard work of Tia Tati, we were gifted with a trip to Disney where we made memories to last a lifetime! 

Sunday, February 14th was the day I managed to snag a dinner reservation at 1900 Park Fare with Cinderella and frenemies. After delaying our departure for Florida a few hours we were cutting it close to arrive on time. A minor carsickness setback (which we are still experiencing the effects of today) occurred as we were driving through the Disney arch with only minutes to spare! Yay! We made it just in time to have Drisella whisk the girls away from the table after a wardrobe change in the Grand Floridian entrance. Both Cinderella and Prince Charming were denied a dance with princess Cami and there were plenty of other girls and boys ready to step in. I kindly reminded her that she may have missed out on the only opportunity to dance with a prince 🙂 Mommy and Daddy ate to their hearts content and pondered how they were going to fit in Wedding gear at the end of the week after hitting up the dessert buffet 3 times! Luci’s favorite meal of choice, gummy bears were abundant at the buffet as well and she did not share with anyone! 

Upon arrival to our room at the Art of Animation, we were welcomed with a beautiful  firework display from one of the parks (the only one we ended up getting to see the whole time :). Perfect from a far since Luci is now annoyed by the sound of flushing toilets! 

Luci’s choice topic of conversation, primarily at the dinner table is where it is appropriate to go pee pee & poop. Tia Tati was extremely patient and kind considering this kind of talk is not appropriate! We now know it is not ok to poop or pee anywhere. In anything. Ever. Just No. 
We stayed in a cars suite. The decor was so ingenius, the Murphy bed over the table was very comfortable and the two bathrooms were a blessing! Luci and Cami were gifted with perfect shoes, dresses, piggy banks, and moritas gummies which double as lip stain (and poop stain… Momentary concern for rectal bleeding was quickly forgotten) from her Abuela, Abuelo and Tia Tati! I believe Luci thinks all people older than mommy and Daddy are called Abuela and that they speak Spanish too (she greeted an elderly woman at dinner that way, “Hola Abuela”). 

Monday Morning we leisurely prepared to tackle Hollywood Studios where hangry tantrums overshadowed their enjoyment of Disney Junior Live! And the pure exhaustion from our late night the day before may have taken away from their enthusiasm at Beauty and the Beast on stage. 

A mini shopping spree with larger-than-their-face lollipops temporarily cheered up the little ones and we trekked on. 

I jumped in line for a chance to meet Minnie in hopes the girls would be as excited as I was… And then she took a break. Only 5 minutes but Luci was calling out for her while Cami sat in the stroller pitching a fit for the umpteenth time that day. Luci’s anticipation turned to terror as we approached Minnie but Cami was thrilled and was happy to head to the next line to meet Jake, the Neverland Pirate. 

We tried for two more characters. Luci and I went to see Daisy while Cami waited to meet Princess Sophia. Luci called Daisy’s name the entire time we were in line and she ducked out right before we got up to her! Pluto was stepping in and Luci seemed excited but it did not go well! Not surprisingly, she wouldn’t stop talking about Pluto after we left. 

  Meanwhile, Cami was thrilled to dance with Sophia. 

We called it quits after a few more awkward tantrums and found our way back to the heated pool with Nemo and some pretty rad jellies! Thank goodness Sebastian got in the water with them because it was a painfully chilly walk back to the room! 

Tuesday morning came quickly but the girls were lacking any energy. It was an important morning for Cami since she had her first Bibbity Bobbity Boutique appointment. We arrived at Disney Springs  only to find that Cami “likes her hair the way it is” and forfeited her appointment. All was not lost because she scored another shopping spree where she desperately needed a Rapunzel pillow, and all sorts of accessories bound to collect dust at home. With some serious convincing and a few tears, we exited for Epcot with a useful and beautiful princess suitcase, full bellies from Wolfgang Puck’s, and some Legos too! 

The girls waited patiently while daddy and Tia Tati enjoyed a speedy Test Track ride. Cami conveniently slouched below the ride measurement tool and didn’t make the 40″ cut. Popcorn, mango strawberry slushy, skinned knees and a trip to the First Aid station for bandaids kept us busy before our lunch plans at Akershus.   
Belle greeted us as we entered the restaurant, followed by a unique appetizer buffet. Cami was thrilled to meet Aurora, Snow White and Ariel! She wanted to tell Ariel that she loves her but couldn’t muster the strength to say it in her presence.  

 For the first time in forever, they didn’t argue about their matching shirts (in frozen sing-along style) 

And we ate and we ate and we ate… Meatballs, salmon, potatoes and asparagus!

Turtle talk with Crush was excellent and educational. I also learned I walk too fast. It’s genetic, I inherited it from my Mom. I’m going with the excuse that I was making a desperate attempt to walk off lunch!  Luci bonded with the rescued Manatee and was eaten by a shark. The end. Just kidding… There’s more!   

We exited after a quick ride through Spaceship Earth and long before fireworks began. By the time we got on the bus, both babes were sleeping and we were ready for bed too! 

In my effort to get the most out of a gifted trip to Disney, we were up early to head to Magic Kingdom. While everyone slowly readied themselves, I chanced a solo bus ride with the girls and stroller to be at the park before opening. I thought it opened at 9 but the lines were flowing quickly by the time we got there and I made a mad dash for Ariel’s grotto. Success… And she was beautiful to boot! 3-year-old Kati was just as excited as Cami and Luci! 

With time to spare before breakfast at Be Our Guest, we moved swiftly past the line at Mine Train to wait for Merida. Luci conveniently tripped and fell face first into the ground as the line started moving but mustered a smile by the time we got to Merida. 

Merida was getting pelted by things from the tree above and was convinced her little brothers may have been transformed into squirrels. After the bear incident in the movie, it wasn’t all that strange! Cami  enjoyed shooting the bow and arrow after meeting her. Bullseye! 

We headed to Belle and the Beast’s castle for breakfast! The Croque madame, French toast and croissants were delicious and the girls we terrified when we went into the west wing to take a peak at the rose! Luckily, neither the Beast nor Belle made an appearance.

The girls called for a carousel ride and a nap quickly followed while we waited VERY patiently for Rapunzel and Cinderella.  

 We flew past the line at Peter Pan’s flight and over London. After playing for an extended period on the indoor playground at Dumbo, Sebas.

refused to do anything

without a fast pass

so we snacked with Pinocchio, 
contemplated just how small this Small World really is, Cami’s fascination with the word booty was fulfilled in the Pirates of the Caribean ride, we climbed the tree house, ate ice cream by the steam boat, rode the magic carpets and admired Jazmin and Aladdin from afar while eating ice cream AGAIN, danced with Woody and Jessie in the street parade, snagged a few shots at the castle, spun til we nearly puked at the teacups, and witnessed sheer joy on Cami’s face as she crossed the starting line at Tomorrowland Speedway. The last day was the best day! We headed to Kona at the Polynesian for dinner and it was incredible! The perfect way to end a perfect day. Cami slept through dinner and Luci took full advantage of it with Mickey sprinkles and a hotdog. 

 We wrapped up our stay with breakfast at the Polynesian with LILO, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto. Cami was a fan of the waffles and the characters, Luci was a fan of the juice and we ate up everything else… All of it! 

We hit the road for Palm Coast to celebrate Amelia and Jonathan… To be continued! This post is wayyy too long and my phone is freaking out. 



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