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As I lay in bed this first day of January to recap all the wonderful memories from December 2015, Luci is feeding me mandarin orange slivers she happily stole from her sister. Pretty much sums up their month… sweet moments speckled with sibling snafus. 

  • Spent some special moments at Church decorating an advent wreath and coloring sock buddies for our friends in Renacimiento, Mexico. 
  • Played outside in the warm weather unless it was raining (what felt like most of the month!). 
  • Welcomed Santa to the Square but never made it to have our picture taken with him. Whoops
  • Felt like we opened presents all month long, thanks to the generosity of so many people that love Cami and Luci and they even managed to spoil mom and Papi rotten too!
  • Experienced some Star Wars (not the newest release quite yet) and the girls weren’t all that into it. Maybe in 28 years they’ll want to investigate what all the hype was about and I can certainly relate to that curious feeling! 
  • The girls got their haircut and both opted for bangs. 
  • Went to Fernbank for the first time and loved it! 
  • Had special visits from the Maryland Tatnalls, Jan & Nancy and The Williams & Willey families! 

Christmas 2015

Despite all my efforts to make Christmas more about time with family and less about stuff, Santa really went overboard this year! An 8′ trampoline is now on the screened in porch and has been so perfect for the rainy days! And Niño Dios surprised us all just before midnight with a frozen bike, Princess bike and matching helmets that have since made their way through the house, lap after lap (with help because the girls need some more pedaling practice). 

After our late night Novena and so much family time, the girls slept in on Christmas morning (mommy woke up at 5:30…) and played quietly in their room for a  while, didn’t notice the wrapping paper on the back door or the trampoline, and missed the piles of presents under the Christmas tree. We made it through breakfast and I had to drop a few clues before it all sank in! Who would have thought! 

Honestly, time with friends and family has been the most special this year. Thank goodness the new gifts have already been enjoyed with great company! 

Cami’s 4th Birthday   

 Her favorite part of her birthday was ice cream, and Popsicles with friends! There were 50+ of our closest family and friends in attendance. 

We enjoyed fresh tamales, fruit salad, a veggie tray with hummus for our little vegetarian, POPSICLES GALORE, and a Rapunzel cake (made with Cinderella Barbie, because Tangled was nowhere to be found)! She opened so many presents at her party and managed to do what she likes most, run! She and her friends ran all over PanPaleta Bakery and the smile on her face was priceless. 

The princess piñata was a hit! As her party came to a close, she mentioned all the other piñatas hanging in the bakery for sale… “My friends still have to open their piñatas!” 

She also celebrated at school with “N is for Navidad” story time and a Colombian New Years craft!    



After Cami’s stellar performance at the  Thanksgiving song-fest and feast, the openings in the Joy Choir at church seemed like the next step! She delivered a riveting performance that included splits and nerve-wracking balancing acts high above wooden stairs, with a little bit of singing and directing thrown in, so much joy! 

In addition to Joy Choir, she danced her heart out at her ballet class Christmas performance in the studio that I was lucky enough to attend. 

Her topics of choice this month have been Heaven, her birthday and Baby Jesus’ Birthday, Happymart “Liverdies” (deliveries) and just how cute everything is! McDonalds is the only place she REALLY wants to eat and she’s always hungry! The pancakes mommy makes just aren’t good enough for her sophisticated palate. 

Her favorite movies to watch this month have been Home, she thinks the Boov are great, Penguins of Madagascar from which she is reciting entire scenes from memory and the “New Penguin movie” Santa brought (Happy Feet). 

She sang loud and proud at almost all of the Novena’s this year and enjoyed spending time with cousins and friends. 7/9 is a pretty great ratio considering how late they ran each night and how collectively tired we all were! 

On imaginary play

Let’s go to work Luci (as they both walk off with their briefcases). What are you going to do at work, girls? I ask. “Nothing” they say! 

On decorating Christmas ornaments

“angels not have ‘staches.”

On wearing Christmas outfits

With a look of “no way you fool” in her eyes, “this is ‘Merica” & ” We’re not in Heaven yet!” 



 She really is so cute, I can see why people tell me that all the time. She is also two, and embodies ALL the terrible two’s cringe-worthy characteristics. My buttons have been stomped on this month! 

She’s been singing Jesus loves me (thank God she knows that one)! She stole the spotlight at Christmas Day Lunch by inviting all her stuffed critters and babies to the table. I can confidently say she’s all about inclusion, just like her Grammie. She speaks loudly, screams loudly, sings loudly and many people are just now hearing her, she may have come out of her shell this month! She gets what she wants using a deafening combination of persistence and screaming… candy and anything she can make a mess with are her primary goals. 

She loves everything Cami loves just not at the same time! If Cami wants to watch Home, Luci wants to watch penguins. If Cami says yes, Luci says no. It’s been a month of dueling Netflix computers and who’s the boss arguments. 

Potty training sucks. Luci has peed in the houseplant, on the floor in front of the potty, outside the bathroom door, on her blanket… She doesn’t like to wear pull-ups consistently, she doesn’t like to wear panties consistently. Fun! I do love that she prefers to poop on the potty and be left alone to do so! 

Lord, give me patience to make it through another month with this strong-willed little girl!  



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