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November was full of wonderful reminders of just how blessed we truly are to have such kind and generous family and friends!  Grammie and Grandy shared lots of special memories with the girls at the Georgia Aquarium, Tellus and Cami’s first Nutcracker! The family gatherings and time with friends this month were too numerous capture in their full glory. 

My beautiful, younger sister got engaged this month and Cami’s literal jaw-drop response to the news was perfect and not captured by anyone but my own failing mommy-memory! We are so thrilled to have such a wonderful role model joining our family as the girls’ first UNCLE! I’m fairly certain neither of the girls know what it really means but they do enjoy hanging with Jonathan and doing his hair for him for his visit to the “palace”.

Our visit from Jacob, Chiqui, Bill and Sofia was a pleasant surprise! I’m sure numerous prayers have been answered in their healing but their challenges remain and we’ll keep on praying! Love you all!

Cami at her Thanksgiving performance, I believe we’ve shamed her enough for picking her nose because she had the sense to turn around away from the crowd to pick her nose during a song! I love that no one is looking at anyone but their own child :)!

Cami still enjoys receiving Happymart “liverdies”. It took us a good while to figure out it meant “deliveries” and that she wasn’t just feeling extra patriotic! I will now knock on wood- her favorite foods are still vegetable and fruit with a side of candy/Popsicles/ice cream. I still can’t believe we lucked out with a kid that LOVES vegetables! 

 As the temperature drops, her wardrobe choices are proving more and more inappropriate. She cries when she wears long sleeves, pulls at her jacket when I finally convince her to wear it and doesn’t like how pants don’t cling to her legs- thank goodness tights pair nicely with a skirt. Even dresses are no longer cool enough for this chick! Oh yes, I almost for got about nightgowns as the uniform at all play dates! 

Her favorite colors are “girl” colors, princesses are back in the spotlight and a new favorite is unicorns. Her Popsicle birthday party is quickly morphing into a strange but not-so-strange mixture of all her favorite things!

Luci Luci Luci… Miss independent… Her first answer is “no” to every question. If it’s really important, she’ll change her answer to yes paired with a head shake. Our theme song is the Beib’s “what do you mean”.     

 Aunt Millie gave Luci a bang trim since she kept getting poked in the eyes by her hair. Her mullet doesn’t look quite as serious, I think we’re moving into the sweet spot with her hair and I’m thankful I didn’t pay anyone for a haircut even when it was full-on Joe Dirt style. 

Luci’s favorites continue to be mess-making and candy eating paired with her deep love for makeup and nail polish, the color orange and zoo-phonics! Her Catina Cat and Gordo Gorrilla sound very similar … thank goodness they have different motions to go with them. She loves organizing her things, drinking milk from a bottle STILL, and caring for babies. 

 A new development in the favorite things category that has gotten WAY out of hand… FROZEN! She’s been waking up around 4 AM, you read that right FOUR in the morning to watch Elsa and Anna. I guess my sleep deprivation isn’t all bad, I can finally finish this months entry and send emails! 

Sibling interactions this month have been primarily pleasant! They love playing together and also by themselves. I’ve noticed Cami is especially talented at ignoring her sisters cries and Luci usually grins when Cami is crying, even more so when she’s the reason Cami is crying… Should I be concerned? 

Thankful and grateful for these two (even though I complain a lot)! I love that my girls love each other, that they have so much passion for the things they love and so much determination to get what they want!  



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