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Thank goodness I sent Luci’s 2nd birthday invites out more than a month in advance, because August proved to be nuts and September was just as wild! I also breathed a sigh of relief when Luci’s love of horses stuck around long enough to get through her horse-themed birthday! 

 September is technically still summer even though school was back in full swing, so we held on tight to the warm weather and sunny days (little did we know, October was going to be so rainy)! Popsicles have become our primary source of nutrition and Luci insists on candy as both the meal and the dessert. I know it’s a temporary preference (at least I hope so) but I can’t help but think I’m failing as a mother every time I open a candy wrapper and hand it to her! She also enjoys putting on her makeup, walking to visit ALL horses in the neighborhood, swinging, talking on cellphones and smiling! 

Luci’s birthday presents trickled in with enough time in between for her to actually enjoy them! By the one her birthday party rolled around, she was well versed in the happy birthday song! My favorite memories from her birthday include Luci napping for the first hour of the party, the fantastic horse races, everyone meeting Cowboy, and Manuel Pinzon’s excellent imitation of horses from the farm in Colombia! I also have the best mommy friends and family, who did a fantastic job cleaning my kitchen at the end of the party (forever grateful :). It’s November 1st and the thank you notes are still sitting on the counter… Please know we are grateful for your friendship and for the gifts and I’ll get the note to you eventually :)! Luci’s most favorite gift that just keeps on giving- a box full of actual makeup from her dear Great Mimi and Grampy Gil!

 Luci’s two year tantrums were also in full swing and not much different than the tantrums of her first two years of life, except now she liked pulling her entire body under furniture or between my legs if that was all she had to work with at the moment. Like clockwork, she became fascinated with diapering babies all around the house and using the potty herself more and more frequently. It’s as if the universe knew I couldn’t handle a stubborn potty-trainer! She liked listening to songs while she pottied including “the abc’s”. She was excelling in her study of anatomy and spending most of her days naked. 

Cami had another dentist visit and despite all the Popsicles, we came away with no cavities and a new fascination with taking her critters to the dentist! She loves both eating and blowing raspberries and has started licking a lot… Still can’t figure out why! She is thoroughly enjoying ballet and tap and some one on one time with Grammie on Wednesday afternoons! I was pretty sure Cami was going to be a lefty like her Grandy, but she’s still quite ambidextrous! She talked all month about her birthday (still 3 months away) and was already getting excited for Halloween. I thought a countdown calendar would help put it into perspective that we were still more than a month away from her favorite holiday but she decided to color in all the days that very night and claim it to be Halloween!

 Celebrations galore

We kicked off the month with Valentina’s 6th with pizza and paletas, Millie’s “4th” birthday according to Cami, Grammie and Grandy’s anniversary, our best buddy Laela’s birthday prior to her Disney trip, Abby’s birthday at Catch Air ( Abby is still on Luci’s list of friends she talks about frequently…err daily), Luci’s second extravaganza complete with pool-noodle horse races, cousin Caroline’s birthday in Clemson and a special visitor for Labor Day weekend! Grampy Gil had a big birthday this year too, to which the girls contributed some gallery-worthy artwork entitled “gesundheit”.  The spa party for Valentina and Mariana was right up Luciana’s alley with facials and manicures! 

 Best of all, we celebrated “Daddy Sebas” 30th birthday with the girls first camping experience right in our very own backyard! Too much fun with great company and a few too many drinks later, Sebas was reminded that he’s not 20 anymore and spent most of the next day in bed! 



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