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I can sum up this month in four words: CANDY, ILLNESS, RAIN, CRAZY! The end.    

 Some of my favorite memories from this month: Luciana’s joy as she plucked candy from candy baskets all around the neighborhood this Halloween, illnesses that came and went fairly quickly for all of us including Great Grampy Gil, rain that forced us to stay inside, relax a bit, and do some cleaning, and the friendship Cami and Luci continue to share! They went to their first rodeo and loved it! And the pumpkin carving party at Mary Well’s house was spectacular!

 Their first real horse rides were on Valentina, Eder and Manuela’s paso fino horses. Surprisingly, Luci was terrified and Cami was thrilled! The miniature ponies made for an extra special treat. 
Play dates with friends this month included giant alphabet letters, a tea party, Christopher Columbus ship building & a colorful celebration of Día de la Raza, a Halloween/Día de Los Muertos party to remember and some magnificent outdoor discoveries that even had mommy thrilled!

The pumpkin patch was wet this year but that didn’t keep us away! Cami wore her boots most days this month and I was grateful I only spent $3 on them at Target. Who knew that she would be obsessed with fuzzy-lined boots! She also took photography lessons from her talented Aunt Millie. She’s quick to let us know about “the problem”, and still won’t put on a pair of pants, even as it gets colder outside. 



 Luci has caught the “nightgown bug” and insists on wearing nightgowns like her sister every night. I can’t do laundry fast enough to keep up with this trend! 

Her dance of choice this month, the whip nae nae. Song on repeat: twinkle twinkle little star. And she has not stopped talking! She makes sure to let us know when things are too “Spicy” and still demands candy for every meal. 

We had a wonderful visit with Great Nana and Great Grandpa Tat! We can’t thank them enough for coming all this way and spoiling the girls with lots of hugs and cute dresses! 


 Halloween was enjoyed by all with sangria and pumpkin beer for mom, candy and a hayride to remember for the girls and costumes created in under 5 minutes! Cami wanted to be either an owl or hello kitty and Luci didn’t care either way. Cami did end up going as “Callie West” aka sheriff Callie for trunk or treat & had lots of fun with her buddies Mason and Makenna! 



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