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July 2015: 

I can barely process all of the activity from July! We played in English, Spanish, with old friends and new, downtown, all around town, in the HEAT and by the cool of the pool! 

We really embraced patriotism in the house this 4th of July, Cami sang ‘Merica’s praises and wore her flag dress VERY often while eating flag themed breakfasts and lunches. The fourth started out with a BANG when the girls used their special Disney Magic to open the Disney Store at Town Center Mall! It really took the sting out of the rain and the flea I found climbing on Luci after playing at the mall’s indoor playground. The fact that we left the store without buying anything (despite my many attempts to get the girls excited about all the wonderful Disney things they could choose from) was a major WIN in my book! 

 We had lots of great reasons to stay close to home for the 4th: Aunt Chris, Uncle Dave, Nick and Caroline came to town and we also have great neighbors! I was terrified at the thought of sweating all afternoon waiting for fireworks that Cami wouldn’t sit through after her fear of loud noises and automatic toilets surfaced over the last month! 

I bribed Cami to wear her new, adorable patriotic gear gifted to her by the MD Tatnall’s (thanks a million!) with a rainbow lollipop… Her most patriotic outfit of choice was her Minnie Mouse costume dress! Later that day, when asked if she wanted a hot dog at the cookout down the street, she replied “no thank you! I only eat ice cream and chips”. She handled fireworks pretty well but her preferred vantage point was any window with a view!  

 Luci preferred staying hydrated, pitching frequent tantrums, swinging until she couldn’t hold her eyes open anymore, and retiring early with Papi! Maybe next year will be the year for fireworks, Miss Luci.

Despite her vocabulary expanding daily, Luci continues to yell at me incoherently for candy all day long. I stand my ground though every ounce of me wants to give in to her demands! Green, hola, adios, chao, orange and a few other colors have been heard. Her please & ” gracias” are just precious… If only she would use them more frequently! 

Between kid sitting gigs and Spanish immersion play dates, we managed to fit in a few more summer bucket list items: downtown Kennesaw farmers market & food trucks, sky zone indoor trampoline park, Smith Gilbert Gardens, Imagine It! Children’s museum, the zoo! 

As if that weren’t keeping us busy enough, the unplanned events made up some of my most favorite memories from this month:

Pancakes and playtime before 7a with Grandy and trips to Laurel Park! 

Making REAL not-too-hot chocolate served in “special Christmas mugs” per request of Laela, Cami’s newly adopted older sister:

Luci using the potty for the first, second, and so on and so forth times this month! Yippee!! 

The impromptu dance party and delicious BBQ at Nico, Andrea, Jason and Emma’s house! My only photo evidence since I was having so much fun (apparently Luci is into hats):

Planning so far in advance for Luci’s 2nd birthday that I’ve had to put the girls to work at Target to pay off my purchases: 

All the monkeys jumping on Luci’s big girl bed (aka mattress on the floor) with very few injuries: 



The free concert at the Strand & Cami & Lily on stage:  

My most favorite memories of all have to be Cami’s introduction to ballet. She was so thrilled with Miss Lauren & although the initial attempt to buy a leotard sans skirt was painful for all of us, it really paid off in the end! Her bun required pins and gel to stay in place.  I thought a pre-ballet class would be a perfect introduction but by the third week, she was begging for more! We wrapped up the month with a wonderful Fairytale Dance Camp & lots of ballet moves to teach her Papi. 

Luci wanted so badly to dance with her big sister! Her obsession with horses is still going strong and she begs to see them often! 


   She also knows how to say lots of body parts and has a wonderful time attempting to steal my nose and eyes.   

I don’t have any evidence of this but Cami enjoys company while she uses the bathroom. Her topics of conversation are always unique, one of my favorites being what she has just eaten prior to having her BM. It was a tomato, hummus and cucumber poop! 

We also had a few thunder storms this month. I told Cami we were safe inside but she quickly realized Daddy Sebas was out in the storm and said a special prayer to bring him home safely!  

So many wonderful, messy memories were made this month! 



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