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   Our summer bucket list took the back seat this month for some different excitement! June was full of summer camps, kid sitting, time with friends and beach days.

 We prepped for beach week with a week of beach-themed summer camp with Grammie. Once we all made it to the beach in one piece, Cami was in her element! She played for hours in the sand and waves. Meanwhile, Luci was not a fan of sand in her pants and usually lasted an hour or two before she was ready to relax poolside! 

Cami had a special request this year at the beach: she wanted to go to Jesus and Mary’s house! I’m still working on my responses to unique requests and reminded her that Mary and Jesus live in Heaven but that Jesus is always with her. Her response to that: that’s right mommy and Jesus loves me, and he loves that I’m at the beach!    

Cami’s other talking points this month included:

  • Where does the bank live? To which I had no response. Meatballs live in spaghetti. She lives in America. Abuelos and Tati live in Colombia. 
  • Why does maple syrup come from trees? I’ve requested a library book to do the answering for me on this one. 
  • She prompts new discussion points with “let me tell you sumpin…” 
  • Imaginary role playing with silver wear. Her best friend Murphy is usually the fork. 

She likes camelope, watermelon, and cherries and the only way we could get her to consume her antibiotic for her first ear infection ever (so grateful for that) was chocolate milk! Ten days of chocolate milk and now she’s over it! “Jesus lives in America” is one of her latest songs she made up. We’ve spent some time with puppies around town, Mabel was navel, Louie was lulie. 


Luci has been keeping up with the big kids this month, her new favorite word is horse… Straight from Jersey or something! It appears she can’t say Cami so she calls her Abby. I think she’s calling herself “Ana”. Other new words & phrases we’ve been able to sift out from the jibber-jabber: kitty cat, “you go timeout”, “I want that”, “te amo”.  

 She still loves making messes ALL. THE. TIME. She loves tuna noodle casserole, twirling spaghetti on her fork like a good Italian (we may have some Italian genes somewhere in the mix) and has managed to get an enviable tan this summer! 
She loves jumping into the pool and dipping under the water briefly. She didn’t like the swim she decided to take by herself without mommy but it didn’t stop her from getting right back in with some help. 

Luci’s latest fascination is waking up before dawn and asking to “go out” more specifically, something that sounds like “iwannagout”. If I get out bed fast enough & get her in the stroller with milk & cereal, I can get in some exercise first thing and Luci won’t scream all morning… A mutually beneficial arrangement! 

Cami has enjoyed channeling her mermaid genes and is swimming quite well except for the vertical breathing technique which causes everyone to panic and the unfortunate pool poo incident which caused Mommy to panic! Many apologies Lisa & Perry! 


 Both girls have been extremely flexible with all kinds of friends and family around for Spanish immersion play dates we’ve been hosting at the house. They play games together, Cami reminds Luci about all the important things in life and their love of books has been supported by the local library’s summer reading program. Kids in the kitchen camp prepped them to help mommy cook breakfast the past few mornings! 

My wish for July is the girls helping out even more minus the mess… I’ll let you know how that goes! 



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