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Driving in electric cars with toddlers. 

As I close the door to my electric vehicle, I feel like the door to my spaceship has closed and we’re getting ready for launch. Sounds from the outside world fade away into our climate controlled capsule where my children have taken the most peaceful naps of their lifetime nestled into their car seats, so cozy it doesn’t even allow for a third passenger in the back seat! 

We zip around our little suburb of Atlanta, not paying any attention to the price of gas or doing any comparison shopping until… We need to drive downtown and range anxiety rushes over me. “Can I get there in one charge?”, “Can I avoid interstates?” “How slow must I go to get there and back without having to stop for a charge and make it back out again in the morning for our next adventure?” Madness! 

Maybe I’m overreacting… But all you parents out there can empathize when your kids scream every time you strap them into their car seats! When planning an excursion, you want to get from point A to point B, with the least amount of tears, and as quickly as possible to avoid the inevitable meltdown (if you aren’t already in the middle of one). 

This is exactly why my electric car has been the bane of my existence these past few months! Driving at or below the speed limit to maximize the range of my battery is not conducive to arriving quickly to any destination, nor is avoiding the interstate and tacking on at least 15-20 extra minutes of travel time! My minutes are precious… any extra minutes to sleep in the morning, or minutes to throw that load of laundry in the dryer (before the need for a 3rd wash) are oh so precious! 

I envy the plethora of gas stations as my 100-mile range quickly turns to an 80-mile range and frequently dips further below that when I pull away too quickly from a stop sign or consider passing someone on the highway. 

Heaven forbid I have to stop and charge with two screaming toddlers in the car. The 30 minutes to full-charge at the fast-charger seems like a lifetime! And that’s only if I’m first in line! 

I guess you could say this experience has been a lesson in patience. I will patiently await a better fit for me and my family. Come December, when my time with this electric vehicle has come to an end, I’m not ready to say that I’ll never consider another electric vehicle but I’m certainly a more informed consumer. 



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