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“May”hem 2015

I think September, December and May have officially topped the list of my favorite and most nerve-wracking months of the year! I can claim this May as a success since we wrapped up my first year of teaching and three preschool classes at two different preschools and kicked off a fun summer with the summer bucket list 2015!          Cami is having a hard time not seeing her friends every day but the trips to the park, the Square for pottery painting, the Chattahoochee Nature Center, pool, polo field and the zoo this month have made the summer vacation a little easier for her. Her favorite animals at the zoo were the “little rhinos” that were not so little and she even rode the rhino on the carousel! Her favorite book this month has been “Mañana Iguana”, an excellent Spanglish read about one of her favorite subjects: fiestas! The movie on repeat this month was a completion of spring-themed Curious George episodes with an occasional intermission of sleeping beauty (aka “dreaming”).         Some of her important findings she has brought to our attention this month:

  • Since mommy used to breast feed Cami and Luci, that makes mommy like a cow… Thanks sweetie!
  • If Cami pees outside then she is like a dog… Mommy’s a cow and Cami’s a dog.
  • Cami will go to work at Happymart while Mommy goes to school. Cami doesn’t need to go to school because “this is America!”.
  • Flamingos are pink and eat only water, that’s why they’re so skinny.
  • She follows every important tidbit of knowledge she imparts to us with “remember that?!” When clearly we have never heard it before in any context!

      Luci’s vocabulary has expanded exponentially in the last 5 hours. She basically has enough words to push all of Cami’s buttons. We went from hollering “coooowwwboy” to the horse out back and “noooo” at Cami to “coooowwwboy, dinner” and “stop!” We’ve heard juice, up, get down, want that, “beebee” for baby, again sounds like “din”, yes, mine, I want that, and all done.  She has had a lot of success getting what she wants when she only asks for “one” of everything over and over again. My favorite words thusfar have been “poop” which she said very daintily as she attempted to hand us her poop she was carrying around the house and “nose” as she picks her own.         Her favorite food is still chocolate which she STILL expects to eat for breakfast. Her favorite book has been Anne Geddes Garden Families, fueling Luci’s fascination with babies and anything small, including beebee strawberries. From the strawberry picking excursion we determined that Luci doesn’t like to sweat or do manual labor so farming may not be in her future. Today I caught her singing what sounded like the alphabet, she likes when I sing “head, shoulders, knees & toes” in both English and Spanish but only likes the itsy bitsy spider in English.             Mommy, Papi and Tia Tati represented Happymart at Collision in Las Vegas while Aunt Millie, Grammie and Grandy spent lots of quality time with Cami & Luci! Thank you ALL for your support of Happymart in so many ways 🙂         I was happy to have a few days to myself for exploring, sleeping and DANCING afterward in Mexico City for Lorena & Jean Philippe’s beautiful wedding! It was extremely enjoyable thanks to Angela’s & her family’s  hospitality and the excellent company among Lorena & JP’s friends and family! Love you two and couldn’t be happier for you!           



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