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There’s no better time than now to finally recap our April happenings, only a few short weeks into May! Tia Tati spent some wonderful days with us at the start of the month and the end too, Luci thinks the Easter bunny is great from far distances, and Cami won’t have anything to do with the Easter bunny unless there’s candy involved!


Luci’s belief that chocolate and candy are perfectly suitable for breakfast was reinforced by the Easter Bunny whose 6:30am arrival was less than optimal! I still get yelled at most mornings but I think Luci knows I’m an unlikely push-over, Papi is a different story. One thing she is very clear about this month has been her “no” which usually sounds a little more like “noO00Ooo”. While it’s terribly annoying to be told “no” all the time, the facial expression to create this is just precious! Luci experimented with occasionally sleeping through the night and magnificent 4:45am wake up calls. She also boycotted naps in her crib this month, happily falling asleep to the TV on the couch.

    When asked what Easter means, Cami is very certain is has something to do with “Easter eggs, candy, and people eating babies” which I later realized was my own fault since we talked about eating “baby bird” candy eggs from a rice crispy treat bird’s nest at her Easter party…Mommy fail! I would imagine the 4:1 ratio of Easter egg hunts to Sunday church services probably didn’t help the message either.

    Spring break 2015 was wonderfully uneventful. With an icky forecast for the week, I made so few plans it really epitomized a stay-cation! We were on horse duty, and the girls enjoyed Cowboy & surprising him with carrots! Luci was really hesitant to give up her carrot even though she didn’t want it for herself (I wish I knew what she was thinking)! Grammie spoiled the girls at the mall one day with a trip to the Disney store and a train ride. Cami spent time at her favorite place in the world, by her best friend Murphy’s side. She loved watching Monster’s Inc. at the library one  afternoon while Luci terrorized the shelves and the librarians with shrieks and frequent meltdowns.

When Cami wasn’t with Murphy, she was talking about how wonderful she is and having phone conversations with her on anything that resembled a phone. Murphy turned 3 in April! Since most best friends do everything together, Cami believed she too was having a birthday and enjoys inviting everyone to her party. Someone, please smack some sense into me before I start planning a half-birthday for her!

I have also realized that in approximately 75% of the home videos I have from this month, Cami is naked. That being said, we’ve had some fun playing in the rain, hail (not so much), dancing to music, jumping on the bed, taking baths and making pizza at Grammie’s house! We even managed to get in the pool for the first swim of the year. Cami is a real mermaid, loves jumping from new heights and Luci follows closely after! 

This time last year, we celebrated the arrival of Spring and pollen from afar, Luci had her head shaved and was not interested in crawling. Cami had a blast at school in Colombia all by herself. We have fond memories of our visit to Jacksonville this time last year as well, and continue to keep Sofia, Chiqui and Jacobo in our prayers for a full recovery and the strength to support one another.


TBT: Cami at 19 months was equally as thrilled by making messes, books and running as Luci is today.


I can’t forget to thank Tia Tati for helping us go on some dates in April, for spoiling Cami with not one but TWO trips to the Disney store & for expanding her dress-up wardrobe!




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