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The fight for independence has been REAL in our house this past month. REAL CRAZY! 



Luci was given permission by her awesome pediatrician to start potty training at 18 months old! I’m convinced that most of her 21 1/2 pounds is brain-weight so she must be ready. Her potty training entails removing her diaper whenever she feels like it, hops on the potty that she can barely sit on without falling in and helps wipe. Even with all that activity, she has not actually gone to the potty!

She still yells at me a lot but there are a few more words she’s added to her vocabulary like juice, hola, down, this and please sounds like she’s hissing at you. I’m a little concerned she could be misinterpreted as an angry cat! I think her non-verbal communication has to be my favorite: the nod with a single wave is her very special way of saying thanks, the gratitude is palpable! 

   Pizza with Parents at FUMC. yum! 


In Cami’s quest for independence, She has started leaving her beloved “Cobi”, in the car for school because “princesses leave Cobi at home”. I have also been informed that I am not a princess. My hopes and aspirations have been crushed, but I’m coping. Her new favorite Disney princess is Aurora, aka “dreaming” and it’s been really fun hearing Cami sing the soundtrack since it’s one of my favorites. Occasionally I’ll hear snippets of a dinasaur song too so if anyone can pass along those lyrics I’ll be forever grateful! Although this isn’t a new occurence, Cami still spends a lot of time naked. Oh, how I would love to be 3 again! 

A new tradition in this monthly newsletter: thankful, grateful, for you all!   


 I couldn’t have escaped the dish towers, floor spills and toy trauma without the help of my husband, family and friends. Nor could I have enjoyed my 28th birthday so much! You really know how to make me feel special and especially grateful for having you in my life. I’m the blessed one for sure! Sending you all lots of love this 1st day of April, and every other day. 

Looking forward to what April has in store for us with a visit from Tia Tati, and Spring Break for me & the girlies. 



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