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February 2015

A short month calls for a short blog post! The first week we celebrated some birthdays and babies. The second week we consumed way too much candy and traded cute Valentines. The third week we experienced the best that land and sea have to offer. The last week we’ve been stranded at home due to “snow” days and stomach bugs! Whew! 

We co-hosted (aka we did very little to make such a beautiful event come together) our first “Big Sister Shower” for Cami’s favorite teacher & her incredibly special and most-deserving daughter. There was no better way than to celebrate baby Emilio who should be joining the Gacharna Salas family very soon with delicious food & good company! Sending out an early CONGRATS all of the new babies and their families that will be joining us this month or the next! 

I would say Luci’s Valentine’s Day was successful since she had a tickle fight with an adorable “older” boy in suspenders during her big sister’s party. Chocolate is her favorite food group- it is now the first thing she asks for every morning and anytime she’s hungry… It was cute for a minute but now I’m over it! 

Valentine’s Day is temporarily winning over Halloween in Cami’s world as the most wonderful holiday. It doesn’t help that she had TWO class parties & got some exciting new toys for her beach trip since mommy doesn’t know how to pack! 

Grandy so generously offered to chauffeur me and the girls to Mexico Beach, Florida for a long weekend. The sand was perfect, lots of shells and even little critters to discover! 

Cami insisted on experiencing the beach to the max which meant playing in the waves when the rest of us where chilly in our pants, sweaters and jackets! She named a jellyfish we came across “peanut butter”, I’m pretty sure we have Grammie to thank for that one since she often talks of peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches. She even awoke the first morning expecting to see cousin Nick, since he apparently lives at the beach (news to me)! 

Luci was not as thrilled with the sand or the cold but loved bird watching and chasing (the seagulls were not amused). We cannot thank Grandy enough for working through his stomach bug to make our beach trip a success! 

After we returned from the beach, Mommy & Papi spent their first night away from the girls in Blue Ridge! An extra special shoutout goes to Aunt Millie who got to experience the onset of the stomach bug for Luci in the middle of the night! Wow!! You ROCK and I’m forever grateful for you cleaning up and loving on Luci in her toughest moments. 

Despite feeling pretty poopy this past week, Luci has been busy chatting away, reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? And “organizing” the house while I’ve been in bed. She’s retrieving her own diapers and wipes when it’s time for a change and I love how curious she is (unless it’s in the bathroom)! 

After the bug lingered much longer than expected, we ruined a swing at mother’s morning out and other people had to my laundry (gracias Giselle) the snow days that wrapped up February were welcomed by this Mom!

Luci was a fan of catching the fat snowflakes on her tongue and Cami insisted on taking her gloves off to play but quickly regretted that. Needless to say, most of our snow days were spent inside watching The Little Mermaid, which Cami is now repeating lines from. I just hope that the word dinglehopper doesn’t get taken out of context! 

 Now that this bug has made the rounds, I’m ready to head back to school…



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