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January 2015

Disclaimer: My hibernating tendencies have taken a huge hit this year with two restless toddlers in the house. I’m making a conscious effort to record the January happenings with only a little sarcasm! Also, a huge apology to our dear family and friends who have yet to receive a thank-you note from us for Christmas and Birthday gifts, my naps have taken priority for the safety of everyone involved 🙂

We kicked off 2015 with fireworks, burning of the año viejo (mine said something along the lines of no more super b—-), dancing, grapes and karaoke! Cami is pretty confident with her Frozen lyrics & doesn’t like mommy with the microphone. Apparently I’ve already succeeded at embarrassing my daughter, can’t wait to see what I’m capable of in the next 10 years!


Cousin Nick came to visit this month! The girls had a blast and would have preferred he stay forever and I just now realized I didn’t even get a photo to mark the occasion! You’ll just have to believe me when I say Luci showed off all her great dance moves & Cami was very chatty about all things mermaid. The Switzer Library has become my best friend since I’m checking out one or more versions of their Little Mermaid DVD collection weekly!

There were some touching moments sprinkled throughout a month of little sleep and some illnesses that may have included the flu…

Luci gave some precious hugs and kisses to Mimi & Grampy Gil at lunch last week (maybe spreading the flu but it sure was cute)


Cami has started to give everyone (including Grammie and Grandy) a hard time about her wardrobe and spent most of Friday & Saturday in either tights (just tights) or her new Frozen bathing suit she picked out at Target with tutu and all! Very appropriate wardrobe choices for weather that barely makes it to 50 on a “warm” day. I find the bathing suit choice extra-amusing because I myself spent a number of months at age 3 in my pink polka-dot bikini!

We’re on word watch for Luci as she approaches 18 months. We’re desperately trying to make sense of all the chitter chatter! This month we caught a rare glimpse of just how much she loves Giselle at the FPC nursery when she said “gracias” as we were leaving AND I wasn’t the only one that heard it! Her other favorite word which has a few meanings as far as I can tell is “watch” or “wash” or just “wa” depending on how tired she is (or annoyed with me because she isn’t getting what she wants). And she’s still climbing…


I’ve been trying to exercise occasionally but I’m convinced my body hates me. Cami was laying on top of me and my muscles hurt so I said please don’t Cami, mommy hurts! And her response was “no you don’t hurt mommy, I hugging you!” Melts. My. Heart. Conversations with Cami are getting more and more exciting!



What else did you do in January Cami?
” I played, I played with friends, and my people, and my friends come to my house, I go in the kitchen and get waffles and pancakes!” “And I have hotdog…”

And everyone is a “he” these days no matter how many times we say “she”.

We all shared a beautiful day touring the Atlanta History Center, enjoyed the celebration for Three Kings Day, and got our own history lesson at Betty’s house watching family movies from



Some other memorable moments from January… Luci may love reading & Frozen just as much as Cami does. The beautiful flowers at church were dedicated to our Aunt Kay who we never had the pleasure of knowing and the girls! They were beautiful Mom, Dad, Mimi and Grampy Gil. Thank you for always being so thoughtful and generous!



Can’t wait to see what February has in store!



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