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December 2014

On the first day of 2015, two girls in our house put on some new big girl panties and are ready for what this year brings! Yes you read that right… Mommy has new panties (thanks Millie) and Cami is still successfully tackling potty training with very little supervision and only the occasional disaster!


December was a whirlwind of activities and time spent with friends and family! On the first day of December,
Navidad our Elf on the Shelf came to stay and knew the best place to make a grand entrance… The potty! Santa made his first appearance on the Marietta Square on the 4th and we barely dodged a downpour. Cami asked Santa for candy this year. As soon as all the Christmas decorations came down she was back to her obsession with Halloween!


Santa followed Mommy’s plea for fewer toys under the tree this year and though it felt strange to Mommy & appeared a bit underwhelming, the girls were thrilled with their Elsa and Anna babies, “mermees” and a few other princess/doctor goodies- we’re going for smart & beautiful. With the addition of the generous gifts from friends and family, the girls have yet to play with all of them. This helped mommy realize that she was being ridiculous for feeling like Santa under-did Christmas (an extra special thanks to all of the people we love that gave such wonderful gifts to the girls).


Not only were they spoiled rotten for Christmas but Camila turned 3 in style surrounded by all her best friends at Monkey Joe’s! Mommy & Papi loved not having to clean up the house before & after the party… They may be convinced this is the way to go for all future birthday parties. She wouldn’t blow her candles out at Monkey Joe’s but she did a fabulous job at the special party in Mrs. Cat & Mrs. Susanne’s class, thank you ladies for always making Cami feel like a princess! Another special shout out to all the brave mommies & daddies that joined us with their wonderful kids at Monkey Joe’s, for their extreme generosity and for the gifts that have forever changed Cami’s wardrobe. We currently have 4 Elsa dresses and 1 Anna dress floating around the house and she prefers only one. Another dress comes in close second but requires some convincing before she’ll deem it appropriate. The tiara was her preferred accessory but has been replaced by Frozen headbands and the bracelets have made a wild comeback along with “lecolaces”, watches, and Frozen socks!


Luci is chatting up a storm and spending less time yelling at mommy (usually). I’m starting to believe her head-nod actually means no… A very hard lesson for me to learn! In some remarkable news… We were all in attendance for 7/9 of the Colombian Novenas! It’s remarkable for so many reasons… Most didn’t start until after 9p and we drove an average of 50 miles round trip to attend each night AND they’re so little to be out that late anyway! It may be hard to believe but it was absolutely worth all the late nights and long days recovering! Luci danced through all the villancicos, Cami was singing along to all of the songs by night 3, and the family time with their cousins was so precious! That being said, plans for something different next year are going to have to be made because far too many of us were falling asleep on the drive home!


Some other firsts happened this month… Cami bowled (without bumpers too), went skating by herself, was an angel in her preschool Christmas Nativity, decorated a beautiful gingerbread church and got naked in a few public places. Luci has been climbing up and down chairs all month, got 5 new teeth and we’re pretty sure she went to the zoo for the first time but sometimes it’s hard to remember these things!


Throwback to December 2013 & when Cami was 15mo!

IMG_2247 IMG_1961

camila_spring2013-20 camila_spring2013-16



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