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November 2014

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Disney’s Frozen, some days with freezing temps and others with gorgeous weather allowed for some interesting, fun-filled days in the lives of Cami & Luci this month. My productivity however, has dropped to an all time low with the early onset of my self-diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder and my 8:30 bedtime (SAD… how appropriate). Sebas is making up for it prepping for the impending launch of HAPPYMART. I’m incredibly proud of him for creating something so beneficial to so many people and one that aligns with his core values, but I sure miss seeing him for the bedtime routine :).

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Tia Tati left for Bogota at the beginning of the month, but her room is still “Tati’s” and the girls are ready for her return. We shared some great memories by kicking of the Christmas season early at Macy’s Pink Pig and of course Sprinkles.

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Thanksgiving was really wonderful this year with delicious food and great company and I barely lifted a finger (Thank you so much Mom, Sandy & Scott, Doug & fam)! We had extra special guests in Carol who is still awesome with kids just as I fondly remember and Lisa too. It was really great reconnecting after so many years, yet another reason to be thankful.

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BREAKING NEWS… Cami has decided to use the potty! Just shy of her 3rd birthday, after many failed attempts, she is running the potty training show with candy corn as her motivation. I’m convinced no one really remembers the kind of commitment the actual process requires because, I never thought it would be this hard keeping tinkle in the potty and keeping Luci from becoming too hands-on while observing the chaos. Dirty laundry has increased significantly especially since Cami only wants to wear outfits she approves of: anything that she deems “Frozen” enough, Minnie/Mickey Mouse (pink polkadot), and a couple shirts that don’t fit into the categories above but they’ll work for now! I have yet to bribe her to wear a jacket…

Conversations with Cami

Me: What kind of pony tail do you want today, Cami?

Cami: A horsey tail

Sebas: Alguien esta consentida hoy!

Cami: No, I not tida, I Cami!

Cami: Luci, get out of my office (AKA: the part of the bathtub closest to the faucet)

Grandy: What is your doggie’s name Cami? Is it Cowboy?

Cami: No! It’s a Dog!

Grandy: Then what should its name be? The dog needs a name!

Cami: Then let’s call it Target

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Luci has graduated to the big girl chair since the high chair was enabling her climbing habit, she has added Hand, Foot & Mouth to her infectious disease repertoire, and another tooth = sleepless nights for everyone! She is having a blast in her new preschool class and makes sure she gets what she wants, even though she doesn’t have the words to tell us yet (or at least I haven’t been able to pick them out in between all the screaming and whining).


Navidad is here… That’s the name Cami gave to our Elf on the Shelf!



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