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October 2014

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In true Georgia fashion, the temperature’s ups and downs provided us the opportunity to get creative indoors and allowed for some beautiful outdoor adventures during the month of October! Cami is quickly approaching her 3rd birthday and talks about it often ( “my candles” & ” my party”). Luci is growing up too fast at 13 months. Very much like her sister at this age when “mama” means anything and everything she wants, Luci uses it much more frequently than her sister ever did!

We have really enjoyed having Tia Tati in town from Bogota and Cami’s Spanish vocabulary has expanded in the few short weeks she’s been here, which we are so grateful for! The 90% input and 10% output rule for learning a second language certainly applies to this household.

We headed north one afternoon for Apple picking and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Both Luci and Cami happily taste tested far too many apples and willingly picked extras to take home. It has been fun to ask them if they want an apple for snack that they picked themselves and the answer is almost always yes!

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A guaranteed NO comes when Cami has her heart set on candy!!! She does not discriminate… Even nasty candy corn is one of her favorites! I keep attempting to use it as a potty-training incentive but we still haven’t had any success with that process. If she’s been promised a piece of candy for the next day when it’s too close to bedtime, it means a guaranteed wake up call at 6a and her demands must be met or everyone in he house will be woken. I’m starting to understand why she loves elephants so much and I’m sure it’s because she can relate to their capacity for memories! A timely downpour on Halloween night at the beginning of our trick-or-treating means I won’t have to enforce the candy portion control I realized many parents (brilliant ones) have in place for successful Halloween nights!

Other Halloween discoveries…

Goats AKA ghosts are Cami’s shadow. Goats say oOoOoO (as she shakes her head side to side)!

Jack-o-lanters and pumpkins are not the same thing and pumpkins have gooey stuff inside with the pumpkin seeds.

She’s not scared of Halloween… But she really is!

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Luci keeps climbing to new heights… Usually behind my back & therefore always unassisted! Someone please knock on wood… We have avoided a number of close calls and head injuries up to this point. When she takes Cami to her preschool class in the mornings, Luci wants so badly to join in. She even scurried over to the table, picked up crayons and started an art project one morning! I would imagine a lot of post-September 1st- cutoff babies struggle with this their first year… They’re so ready for preschool but preschool isn’t ready for them! Luci got a taste of the good stuff during Cami’s Halloween party. She danced along to the ghoulish tunes & bubble machine right in the middle of the big kids, ate the delicious snack and made a real mess of things in the black bean sensory bin!

Luci loves to paint and color but she spends way too much time putting the stuff in her mouth!! Shealsoenjoys talking on the phone, eating candy and playing with Cami. She’s still waking up at night and not taking great naps for fear she may be missing something… Mommy probably shouldn’t be allowed to operate heavy machinery!

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A Saturday morning interview with Cami:

Cami’s favorite game to play: cookie

Cami’s costume for Halloween: princess Ana but she’s actually dressing up as Elsa & there’s a homemade gum ball machine costume that hasn’t been touched.

Cami’s favorite food: ice cream

Cami will be cake years old at her next birthday.

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Wishing you all a month full of opportunities to give thanks for all your blessings. We’re certainly thankful for each and every one of you for being in our lives and keeping up with the girls!

A few extra-special notes: I would like to thank Delee & Mike for our date-night groupon & Tia Tati for babysitting, Grandy for the Frozen on Ice tickets (a huge success, Camila was so amazed she could barely walk up the stairs after the show was over), Grammie for her Grammie-ness both on Cannon Way and at FUMC, Aunt Millie for the cookies a few days ago, a abuelo y abuelita por los vestidos divinos y los otros encargos especiales de Colombia, Kortney & Jenny for feeding us and Miller for taking such great care of Luci! Wow… I just realized how many people I need to thank more often for keeping me semi-sane, fedand functional throughout the month!

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