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September 2014

September may forever be known as “Birthday Month” in our house & I’m ok with that! So many important people that are special to us allowed us to celebrate with them, Aunt Millie, Great Grampy Gil, and our own birthday girl, Luci!

IMG_3945.JPG LUCIturns1+%282%29-3563694005-OLUCIturns1+%2813%29-3563697344-O


Luci at age one is more petite than some of her younger friends but it allows her some freedom to travel anywhere she pleases… Yikes! She waves hello and goodbye and I’m pretty sure we’ve heard a “hello” with a very British accent at one point!

IMG_3533.JPG IMG_3734.JPG



IMG_3539.JPG IMG_3619.JPG

You would think by the end of the day she would be exhausted but she and her sister have managed to fit in some late night shenanigans (spending far too much time in Mommy & Papi’s bed).

IMG_3989.JPG IMG_3998.JPG

More often than not, their late nights require Luci to take afternoon naps but they’re not as frequent as mommy would like! Her two, giant front teeth are still causing trouble… it’s been a long two months!


Cami is no longer arguing the fact that there are two words for everything (well more than 2 but we’ll tackle that another day). It’s ok for the donkey to be Burro but not caballo! Zebras are zeebops and deer are booofayo. Cami demands “I NEED más” chocolate and other sweet treats from anyone who will listen. We’re thoroughly enjoying her sincere effort to pronounce EVERY “l” in her friend’s names and I’m trying REALLY HARD to enjoy her desire to wear big girl panties with very little success making it to the big girl potty!

Her artistic abilities are becoming more refined but it’s evident installation art is still her strong suit. 


The sisters are taking full advantage of the built-in playmate capacity, and for the most part they’re kind to one another.

IMG_3848.JPG IMG_3837.JPG

IMG_3876.JPG IMG_3764.JPGIMG_3682.JPG IMG_3637.JPG



Luci loves her mama, paci, cobi, being held all the time, feeding her babies & doing everything Cami does.

IMG_3976.JPG IMG_3966.JPGIMG_3751.JPG  IMG_3770.JPG

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family and friends this month and are thankful for their support and guidance! Mommy started teaching Spanish in a very part-time position… the girls are handling the transition well but between prepping for classes and keeping everyone’s diaper/lunch bags stocked Mommy is worn out! Staying at home has its series of challenges but I applaud all you working mommas out there! 



We’re looking forward to a visit from Tia Tati, exploring gooey pumpkins & eating WAY TOO MUCH candy in October!






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