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Balance in Discipline

I usually don’t have to look very far for what I need to hear when I’m having a hard time. As almost by divine intervention, two articles presented themselves to me this week touching on one of my greatest challenges… discipline.

In the midst of an overwhelming afternoon after attempting potty training again I came across Honest Parenthood’s post on Discipline & Depression. Though I’m not sure I can go as far to diagnose myself with depression (I’m still certain I have Seasonal Affective Disorder & I am confident in my diagnosis), the article struck a cord and I quickly realized I was not alone after joining the Facebook page for Honest Parenthood. It’s a tough job… disciplining children… and quite frankly I’m having a hard time with it.

Knowing my own mental health is at stake as well as the mental health of my children now and int0 adulthood, I’m looking for an action plan. A reliable source has suggested informing myself which brings us to the next article I found during my 4am breastfeeding session, (still not sleeping through the night at 11mo… another item to tackle on my “what should I do?” list) Why I’ll Never Read Another Parenting Book. Another piece of sound advice I’ve been given recently is to replace “should” with “could”… great for control-freaks like myself!

I would have loved for the solution to my problem to present itself just as conveniently as these two readings did, but I’m left with more questions than answers…Where can I find the balance between falling prey to the “insecurity economy*” and reinforcing protective measures against depression when it comes to discipline? At this moment in life, is it more important to rely on my own self-confidence or build an arsenal to combat the insecurity one feels after repeating yourself over and over and OVER again to have your toddler do exactly what you’ve just asked them not to?

Looks like I have some work to do!

*I’m not sure if Samantha Schoech coined the term but I love it!



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