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July 2014


It’s been a messy, mostly naked month around the house! A few firsts this month included: Fourth of July fireworks for both girls, Luci meeting Uncle Tom for the first time (can’t wait until the next visit), Chuck-e Cheese birthday party (can DEFINITELY wait for the next visit), hike around Kennesaw Mountain with the girls and lots of World Cup action.


Credit for the beautiful wedding photos: Scott Williams

We all had a blast at Brittani and Donnie’s wedding, thanks for including us and a special thanks to Mimi & Grampy Gil for the girls’ wardrobe and Grammie and Grandy for taking care of them!


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IMG_2690 IMG_2356 IMG_2359

My little conquistadora is moving in all directions these days. I was pretty sure after a week of horrible sleep, lots of crying and drooling that we would see the two top teeth but it was all a tease… I’m not looking forward to when they actually show up! Luci’s been conversing with us more these days, mostly telling us what to do and pointing her finger at us to make sure we understand how serious she is about her demands. She even yelled at the ladies in Parent’s Day Out because they didn’t give her a popsicle… they won’t make that mistake again.


I had a few lapses in judgement this month, one of which was deciding baking cookies, breakfast cookies, and cupcakes all from scratch (in the span of a week) was a good idea… Cami benefited but my waistline didn’t. Aunt Millie came back from France with a beautiful blue raincoat, still Cami’s favorite color! She’s looking a little further into the future: she’s very ready for her own Birthday party (it’s going to be a long FIVE months…) and she says she’ll be Luciana for Halloween.

A typical conversation with Cami:

Me: How many doggies are there?

C: Two (her answer EVERY SINGLE TIME)

Me: What’s your doggie’s name?

C: “Treat” He ate his dinner…

Our nightly argument is finish your dinner and then you can have a treat… obviously she gets it!

At 10 months, Cami was a unicorn for Halloween!


TBT July 2013

Last year We spent a rainy 4th at LEGOLAND, this year we walked by it to run the Peachtree (yes, I know it’s hard to believe but we really did run the whole thing)!

In style were bracelets… bangles made from links! I miss that stage so much!



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