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June 2014

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Inside this month’s newsletter you’ll find:

  • C Updates
  • L Updates
  • What C was doing at L’s age
  • Things to look forward to next month
  • Throwback to (our version of TBT)…Happenings in June 2013

C’s update for June:

We kicked off June with C’s first trip to the Emergency Room at 3am, she left with a smile, stickers, two “motorcycles” (aka: popsicles), and a constipation diagnosis, poor babe! Her new favorite phrases are “what’s this?” and “I want to” and she’s picking up lots of new words in English and Spanish daily!

She learned new culinary skills & explored the wonders of Outer Space at Grammie’s camp at the church for two weeks. When she wasn’t at camp, she went and thoroughly explored the Outer Banks with her cousins Nick and Caroline, went swimming, watched new movies like Finding Nemo “Memo”, Wall-E, and Frozen which she sings along with almost daily. Her other favorite songs are “Dos Elefantes” and “E-I-E-I-O”.

At her 2 ½ year well-visit, she weighed 28 pounds and is 3 feet tall!

Tia Tati came to visit for L’s Baptism and she loved telling C “Te Amo” and C would respond with “No, yo te amo”. Tia Tati gave into all C’s demands, primarily cookies and “Frozen”.

Things she asks for daily:

  • Waffles & Cereal (which she doesn’t always eat)
  • Cookies (which she ALWAYS eats)
  • Juicy Water (cranberry-grape juice very diluted in water)
  • Frozen
  • “No Pictures”
  • IMG_1565 IMG_1871 IMG_2120IMG_1162 IMG_1888


L’s update:

At the beginning of the month, L was working on perfecting her bear crawl and pulling up to standing. Pretty soon she realized she didn’t even need to pull up on anything and by the end of the month she was taking steps!

At her 9 month check-up she weighed 17 pounds and had her ears pierced, ouch! As if having her ears pierced wasn’t painful enough, her bottom two teeth pushed their way through. L was thrilled to be able to bite into things, including her sister if she got in the way.

L was Baptized on June 28th. She wore a beautiful Dolce and Gabanna gown, a unique and very special gift from Mimi and Grampy Gil. The private ceremony in Spanish was held at the Misión Catolica Nuestra Señora de las Americas. She cried when the Holy Water was poured over her head but wasn’t upset for long, there was too much fun to be had at the party that followed the ceremony! Thanks to all that came to celebrate with us & we missed everyone that couldn’t join us. We couldn’t have asked for better God Parents in Nick & Amelia!IMG_2119IMG_2078

She really likes:

* Being able to follow Camila around

* When Kati makes monkey noises

* Eating sand, dirt and really anything else she can get her hands on EXCEPT baby food.

* Napping on the beach

* Standing at the refrigerator

* Making new friends

She really dislikes her car seat… making errand-running a challenge these days.

IMG_1842  IMG_1875  IMG_1861


What C was doing at 9 months:

She spent much more time crawling and moved much faster than L but not as much time walking… C was not as sturdy on her feet because she was trying to go way too fast!

C went to the zoo for the first time & went apple picking. L shares C’s love of biting into apples with her new teeth.


Things to look forward to in July’s newsletter:

Happy 4th of July! C and L have their first experience with fireworks.

Lots of play-dates with friends, for Kati’s sanity

Brittani’s wedding in North Carolina

TBT… June 2013


We went to Memphis, TN for Katrina and Charlie’s beautiful wedding while C spent a few days with Grammie and Grandy. She loved the frigid ocean water in the Outer Banks and had no fear jumping into the pool.

Kati was in her 3rd trimester and moving VERY slowly… too slow to keep up with our fearless C!

How we’re managing to stay sane…


This month, we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with a kayak tour, a lunch date (which is much easier these days than a dinner date) and a picnic! A special thanks to Grammie and Aunt Millie for making it possible!

Kati is volunteering at the local health department a few hours a week and loving the new challenge, which wouldn’t be possible without Sebastian’s support & taking care of the girls!





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